Hi, I'm Jennifer

I'm an interior designer, wife and mom to three teenagers  (in which I actually really enjoy these teenage years with them!)  I love working with my clients to design details for their home that are unique and special to them.   Being a part of the residential construction process from beginning to end gives me much joy knowing that I am using my talents in design to help someones dream come true.  I am always amazed at how many people have a hand in building a home... and I'm honored to be a part of that.

Besides interior design, I love to create with my hands.  Currently I enjoy knitting and crochet the most. My family is used to almost always finding craft supplies strewn all over the kitchen table and finding rogue bits of yarn stuck between the couch cushions.  Here's to living creatively and loving this one life we each get!

It's no secret that I love flowers.  They are an almost endless inspiration of color, shape and texture.  I love the beauty they bring to life and am so happy when spring arrives to see all varities of colorful blooms brighten up the landscape.

Mushrooms!  Hiking and finding mushrooms has given me another reason to explore all sorts of trails in West Michigan.  It's always fun to see what has sprouted up after a good rain. 
If you stop by my home, you'll notice I also have too many mushroom decor pieces to count.  I just love them!

This wall hanging is one of my favoite projects that I've ever made.  I created the entire piece - wove the background out of wool roving, crocheted all of the flowers and tendrils, dipped them in paint to form them and then attached them to the weaving.  It's one of my best works, I believe.


favorite things

West Michigan has some of the best beaches to have a perfect day filled with sun and sand.

swiss meringue buttercream

It's not too sweet and has the most silky texture.

visiting lake Michigan

Slowing down and noticing the beauty around you.

taking time to smell the roses

The New York Times Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe really is the BEST! 

this chocolate chip cookie recipe


i recommend...

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